Spring 2018
Advanced Physics Laboratory (Physics 382/504), Yale University

Laboratory experiments with some discussion of theory and techniques. An advanced course focusing on modern experimental methods and concepts in atomic, optical, nuclear, and condensed matter physics. 

Spring 2017
Advanced Physics Laboratory (Physics 382/504), Yale University
Fall 2016
Introduction to Nuclear Physics (Physics 524), Yale University

Introduction to nuclear physics. Topics include nuclear models, weak interactions, neutrino physics, neutrinoless double beta decay, relativistic heavy ion collisions, nuclear astrophysics and cosmology, and experimental methods. The aim is to give a broad perspective on the subject.

Fall 2015/Spring 2016
On Leave with Junior Faculty Fellowship
Spring 2015
University Physics (Physics 181), Yale University
Fall 2014
Modern Physical Measurement (Physics 205 & 206), Yale University

Students work through a series of physics experiments for hands-on experience to teach physical concepts and experimental and data analysis techniques.

Spring 2014
University Physics (Physics 181), Yale University

Calculus-based physics introduction course for Electricity and Magnetism. A flipped class room and frequent assessment of learning were implemented. Textbook: SmartPhysics

Fall 2013
Perspectives on Science and Engineering (Science 198), Yale University
Spring 2013
Advanced Laboratory (Physics 407), University of Wisconsin–Madison

Experiments in classical and modern physics for seniors and first year graduate students. Students work on 4 - 8 experiments throughout the semester selected from roughly 20 experiments.

Spring 2012
Advanced Laboratory (Physics 407), University of Wisconsin–Madison
Spring 2011
General Physics II (Physics 407), University of Wisconsin–Madison

Introduction to Electricity & Magnetism and Light and Optics for Engineers. 5 credit calculus-based course with 2 lectures, 2 discussion sessions, and one 3-hour labs per week. The course has 2 faculty, 9 teaching assistants and 370 students. Textbook: Serway & Jewett.

Spring 2012
Physics 407: Advanced Lab, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Fall 2011
Research semester
Spring 2011
Physics 202: General Physics, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Introductory calculus physics class covering electricity, magnetism, waves, light & optics, typically taken by engineers.